AI Intelligence Workshop Series 


We are proud to announce a new series of FREE online workshops on artificial intelligence offered by the Réseau BIBLIO de l'Outaouais to kids and young adults!

These workshops, hosted by GénieLab, will take place on October 28th, November 11 and November 25th, all at 5PM.


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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


October 28th, 5PM

What if we told you that the beginnings of artificial intelligence date back to 1950, well before the advent of the internet? Incredible, isn't it? Learn more in our workshop on the history of artificial intelligence, from Turing's thinking machine to ethical AI.

Artificial Intelligence and Art


November 11th, 5PM

Want to add an object to a moving image, change a static image drastically in a few clicks? In this workshop, you will discover state-of-the-art techniques related to the visual arts, music and poetry of the future.

Creation of Artificial Intelligence


November 25th, 5PM

It's time to play and create! Using the AI tools available, unleash your imagination and create your own incredible work. In this workshop, kids of all ages will discover tools for artificial intelligence and how they can be used to unleash creativity.

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